Saturday, February 12, 2011

Week 8 : Fortune Cookies

I bet most of the people should have heard of Fortune cookies.
But do you know that it orignates from Japan? :O

What are fortune cookies ( for those that really doesnt know)
Fortune Cookies are cookies that contains a slip of paper that contains some advice. The paper is usually at the hollow part of the cookie so u break apart to see it.

I think it is always fun to open your fortune cookie and compare it with your friends.
I cant remember what mine said the previous time i had 1, but I think it was something to do with marriage.
But i feel that the fortune cookies nowadays have been 
edited with like good quotes only
because the restaurants do not want to offend the customers.
Which to a certain extent makes the fortune cookie inaccurate
because they will only talk about good stuffs.

Although fortune cookies originates from Japan, they are more popular in Chinese restaurants and normally consumed by the Americans.
Sort of an irony right? Haha.

Cute picture from

Get your own fortune cookie now (:

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Week 7 : Daruma Dolls

Ever heard of Daruma dolls?
Okay, maybe u didnt noe the term of this doll.
Now take a look at this.

Does it ring a bell?
Well normally you will see it at japanese shops (i saw 1 at Central crepe shop. )
Well anyway they are called Daruma Dolls.

What are Daruma Dolls?
They are dolls that are said to represent good luck and fortune for the japanese. 

So what is so special about another fengshui ornament from japan?
It is sold like this!


Freaky much huh? 
Well one side of the eye will be drawn when a goal / task is set!
The other eye is drawn only when the goal/ task is accomplished

When the eye is drawn, it sorts of gives the person a motivation to work towards the goal.
Because the 1 eyed daruma dolls serves a purpose to remind the person to finish the goal too. 

I think that if i were to have a 1 eye drawn daruma doll i would like to accomplish the task to make it look better.
Because the doll is weird looking with only 1 eye, like some visual distraction.
So in a way, this could aid in accomplishing a goal too hahha.

Have a hard goal to accomplish?
Why not get a Daruma doll to motivate you?

Picture credits from google.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Week 6: Valentine's Day

I bet all of u have heard of valentines' day.
Where people(girls normally)  give cookies/ chocolates to ur beloved ones.
Well then have you heard of WHITE VALENTINES' Day or also known as WHITE DAY? (:

What is White Day? (You may ask)
Its on March 14th and its where guys (normally) or the receiver of the valentines' day present to make a reply.
IF the person returns a gift, it means that somehow, the person has accepted the other person's love.
&& the gift must be usually more expensive & some examples are white chocolate and marshmellows. (:

This was a trend that started in the 1980s in the Japanese and slowly the koreans are adapting this behaviour.
Not everyone knows this but you could do so to reciprocate the love (:

To all the lovebirds out there, good luck !
This could be the time to make your reply (:

Friday, January 14, 2011

Week 5 : Geisha

Geishas are traditional, female Japanese entertainers who performs classical music and dance.

Geishas have to start being a geisha from young. They would learn art & musics. The path of a geisha can take them til they are 80 or 90 years old. Geisha is an occupation, which is commonly misjudged as prostitutes.

Steps of Becoming a GEISHA

One of the distinctive features of a geisha is the thick white based makeup with small red lips.
This is one of the videos that u can see that takes a long time for geisha makeup

Most geishas wear kimono with uniquely tied obi. This is to give off the exotic look. Kimonos are really long and thick, so it is kind of hard to prevent perspiration which might smudge off the make up

3. Hair
While most of the modern geishas uses wig now, 
some of the traditional geishas still comb their hair into looks of a divided peach. 
Geisha do care alot about their hair. 
Some geishas have to sleep on their necks on a neck support instead of pillows, just to not ruin the hair.
Weekly, the geishas would touch up the hair whether if its fallen apart or if nothing happens to it
Geishas hair would always be adorned with extensive haircombs and hairpins.

Last but not least, dance gracefully & learn some musical instruments. !

The art of the hostess isnt easy, complying to so many needs of a man.
So i have much respect for geishas who give pride in their job.
Because not anyone or everyone can do it, its hard work !

Friday, January 7, 2011

Week 4: Beer

Ever tasted the famous ROYCE chocolate?
Yes u may have, BUT.
Have u taste ROYCE.... IN BEER?.


Be as amazed as I AM.
Being a fan of ROYCE, i have never expected to see chocolate with beer(Sapporo).
But seriously, the drink looks rather tempting right?
It looks like some good rootbeer float :3

The biggest turn off is that, it is bitter.
Food for thought (pun intended)
Imagine its like double the bitterness, bitter chocolate added to bitter beer.
(im just joking, i dont really know how it tastes like)


Have you ever heard of the weird myth saying that if u drink beer and milk, you will get food poisoning or some sort?
Well I have!
The Japanese are really innovative people and they made this drink!.


Credits from

Guess what? This drink was produced in 2007 and it is selling 330ml bottles at 380yens!
It is like close to 6 dollars and probably the price of a Heinekens in Singapore?
But what really puzzles me is the concoction of the BILK.
I m sure u can imagine or have seen how milk curdles when they are exposed to beer,
I wonder how will it really taste like.

Well it is said to have a fruity taste, but seriously?? :/
Why dont they have a strawberry BILK instead, :D