Sunday, November 28, 2010

Week 2: Otaku!

What is an Otaku?

Otaku is a Japanese term used to refer people with obsessive interests, particularly animemanga, or video game. Not just that! 

It can also include...

Dolfies. (really pretty ball joint dolls)

Credits from Windy @ 

Nendoroid Saturday outing
& nendoroids.

Do you know those terms?? Haha .

I am quite an otaku myself, these are my collections that i could find at home.


A drawerful of it !

Mangas!(was very obsessed with fruit basket when i was young)

& Some white & black loki  book 

I am proud to be an otaku (: 

You are 75% Otaku!

Well you are considered a fellow Otaku. Welcome to the family! But You aren't a leader yet so you don't get to know the Otaku pledge. Oh well you tried. Put in a little more time and you will soon be considered a friendly rival to my Otakuness. Are you getting bored of anime around this point? Well here is how to spice it up. Meet new people. Cosplay at least once a week- make it like a holiday. Whach wierd off the wall anime that no one whaches except for the people who never go outside. Experince what it is like in their life in the basement.

(you can try doing it too! :D)

There is a misconception that otakus are boring , no life people who spend 90% of their life in fantasy.
They also cut off any connection with any real human being & indulge in sketches done by manga artists.

You are wrong!
Otakus are people with great passion of japanese products!
&& the right term for that genre of people is Hikikomori.
They read manga & play videos to avoid people, so please dont mix up otaku with hikikomori. (:

And i have something to give away this week (:

Its just a small keychain with minato inside (yondaime from naruto)
Because this poor fellow has been rotting at my table corner, i think i should give it to a new owner.

So if u are interested, please leave a comment(with a name) on how otaku you are / how much you like it.
I will pick the best out of the lot ( if there is), or i may just have to keep it myself if no one wants it :/

P.S its a really small keychain only, not a full fledged nendoroid (: 
(comments will be closed by 11:59pm (Singapore Time) on  4th December 2010
 & winner will be announced on the next post (: )

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 1 : Gachapon!

For the First week i shall introduce Gachapon!
Heres how the Gachapon machine looks like in Japan

& How Gachapon machines look like in Singapore's Vivo City

Well not much difference right?

What is Gachapon?
'Gacha' refers to the turning of the machine's knob
& 'pon' is the sound produced when it drops.
Gashapon & Gachapon can be used interchangeably because they are Japanese onomatopoeia
The origin is from Japan(duh) & is the brand Bandai's trademark.
Slowly many companies adopted this way of selling their products.

My recent experience with Gachapon

My friends & I were interested in some keychains & we started trying our luck to get our desired animal.
We couldnt get the Bear nor the Bunny so we kept putting in money & turning the knob.
Before we know it, we spent a total of 16 bucks.
(Yes, gachapons can be really addictive! )

The keychains we were aiming for.
Our loot :o

& after 8 tries or more, we still didnt get the bunny nor the bear ):

&& i spent 4 bucks on these 2 keychains :3

I feel that the companies are really smart because they can really earn alot from gachapon.

Imagine there are 7 figurines that exist in the machine & u only like 1.
You desperately want it (partly because you feel you are lucky)
So u keep feeding the machine money & turn until you get your desired toy.
Most of the time people spend more than once to get 'the one'
So before you know it, u might have spent 10 bucks or so :o

&& gachapons are no longer 1 dollar or 50cents anymore.
They range from 2-4 dollars.

So if you feel lucky, u can pop by your nearest 'ToysRUs' or Mamashop to get your capsules (:

About the blog

Hello welcome to the blog (:
If you are still wondering what this blog is about,
it is an introductory blog of japan-related products/terms.
(as for the dog , tbats a shiba inu, its a pedigree from japan by the way)


Some of them could even be found in Singapore ! :o
So, if you like japan, please do read !
But if you dont like japan, why not read as I may /may not change your mindset.

Every week, there will be something from Japan being introduced.
Ranging from food

Atariya Goodies

To electronic gadgets

Japanese Handphones

I cant really give myself a boundary because its quite impossible.
So,I hope that you will leave this page knowing something more about the Japan product or the Japanese. (: