Friday, January 14, 2011

Week 5 : Geisha

Geishas are traditional, female Japanese entertainers who performs classical music and dance.

Geishas have to start being a geisha from young. They would learn art & musics. The path of a geisha can take them til they are 80 or 90 years old. Geisha is an occupation, which is commonly misjudged as prostitutes.

Steps of Becoming a GEISHA

One of the distinctive features of a geisha is the thick white based makeup with small red lips.
This is one of the videos that u can see that takes a long time for geisha makeup

Most geishas wear kimono with uniquely tied obi. This is to give off the exotic look. Kimonos are really long and thick, so it is kind of hard to prevent perspiration which might smudge off the make up

3. Hair
While most of the modern geishas uses wig now, 
some of the traditional geishas still comb their hair into looks of a divided peach. 
Geisha do care alot about their hair. 
Some geishas have to sleep on their necks on a neck support instead of pillows, just to not ruin the hair.
Weekly, the geishas would touch up the hair whether if its fallen apart or if nothing happens to it
Geishas hair would always be adorned with extensive haircombs and hairpins.

Last but not least, dance gracefully & learn some musical instruments. !

The art of the hostess isnt easy, complying to so many needs of a man.
So i have much respect for geishas who give pride in their job.
Because not anyone or everyone can do it, its hard work !

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