Thursday, February 3, 2011

Week 7 : Daruma Dolls

Ever heard of Daruma dolls?
Okay, maybe u didnt noe the term of this doll.
Now take a look at this.

Does it ring a bell?
Well normally you will see it at japanese shops (i saw 1 at Central crepe shop. )
Well anyway they are called Daruma Dolls.

What are Daruma Dolls?
They are dolls that are said to represent good luck and fortune for the japanese. 

So what is so special about another fengshui ornament from japan?
It is sold like this!


Freaky much huh? 
Well one side of the eye will be drawn when a goal / task is set!
The other eye is drawn only when the goal/ task is accomplished

When the eye is drawn, it sorts of gives the person a motivation to work towards the goal.
Because the 1 eyed daruma dolls serves a purpose to remind the person to finish the goal too. 

I think that if i were to have a 1 eye drawn daruma doll i would like to accomplish the task to make it look better.
Because the doll is weird looking with only 1 eye, like some visual distraction.
So in a way, this could aid in accomplishing a goal too hahha.

Have a hard goal to accomplish?
Why not get a Daruma doll to motivate you?

Picture credits from google.


  1. huh.. so you have to have 2 dolls? like one for setting a goal and another for accomplishing a goal?

  2. -felicia
    Ermm no you are mistaken. U get 1 doll and u fill up 1 eye to set the goal and fill up the second eye when u accomplish it .So, 1 doll is enough. :D