Thursday, January 27, 2011

Week 6: Valentine's Day

I bet all of u have heard of valentines' day.
Where people(girls normally)  give cookies/ chocolates to ur beloved ones.
Well then have you heard of WHITE VALENTINES' Day or also known as WHITE DAY? (:

What is White Day? (You may ask)
Its on March 14th and its where guys (normally) or the receiver of the valentines' day present to make a reply.
IF the person returns a gift, it means that somehow, the person has accepted the other person's love.
&& the gift must be usually more expensive & some examples are white chocolate and marshmellows. (:

This was a trend that started in the 1980s in the Japanese and slowly the koreans are adapting this behaviour.
Not everyone knows this but you could do so to reciprocate the love (:

To all the lovebirds out there, good luck !
This could be the time to make your reply (:

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