Saturday, February 12, 2011

Week 8 : Fortune Cookies

I bet most of the people should have heard of Fortune cookies.
But do you know that it orignates from Japan? :O

What are fortune cookies ( for those that really doesnt know)
Fortune Cookies are cookies that contains a slip of paper that contains some advice. The paper is usually at the hollow part of the cookie so u break apart to see it.

I think it is always fun to open your fortune cookie and compare it with your friends.
I cant remember what mine said the previous time i had 1, but I think it was something to do with marriage.
But i feel that the fortune cookies nowadays have been 
edited with like good quotes only
because the restaurants do not want to offend the customers.
Which to a certain extent makes the fortune cookie inaccurate
because they will only talk about good stuffs.

Although fortune cookies originates from Japan, they are more popular in Chinese restaurants and normally consumed by the Americans.
Sort of an irony right? Haha.

Cute picture from

Get your own fortune cookie now (:


  1. Okay, I didn't know it originated from Japan. I never had the chance to eat one but I always wanted to because it would be interesting to know your fortune.

  2. Once I went to this party where they serve fortune cookies and everyone was like crazy about it.I also think that this fortune cookies are interesting especially when there are good quotes that can help motivates us.

  3. I love fortune cookies. I love little quotes and the cookie itself is quite tasty! Interesting to know that the Japanese created them. Do you know how this fortune cookie actually came about?

  4. -Arini
    It tastes like sweet crunchy popiah hahah. Yea sometimes its like words of wisdom that sets you thinking.

    I think that it is partly good because all the quotes are good quotes. I think u can even cheer someone up with a fortune cookie hahah.

  5. The fortune cookies don't have any filling? Haha. and i also didn't knew that it originated in Japan!
    But is it really accurate even if some of the fortune cookies contain quotes that are not very nice?


  6. I wonder if it taste good! Oh and I wonder if the predictions in the slips of paper are accurate?

  7. -Jiawen
    Nahh, they are just plain sweet biscuits. Well if at least they come up with quotes like "Avoid relationships because they will hurt you or like Avoid contact with water because they might cause mishaps.." etc etc is better than the normal wise quotes ma hahaha. Got pros and cons for both cases.

    They taste not bad just like crackers that are sweet, really hard to describe the taste haha. Well to believe or not, it is up to you.

  8. I love fortune cookies!!! But I agree with you that they all consist of good comments. Which doesn't make it really exciting anymore. Andddddd, do you know where I can find them in Sg?! Cause I tried to find, but to no avail! :(