Sunday, November 21, 2010

About the blog

Hello welcome to the blog (:
If you are still wondering what this blog is about,
it is an introductory blog of japan-related products/terms.
(as for the dog , tbats a shiba inu, its a pedigree from japan by the way)


Some of them could even be found in Singapore ! :o
So, if you like japan, please do read !
But if you dont like japan, why not read as I may /may not change your mindset.

Every week, there will be something from Japan being introduced.
Ranging from food

Atariya Goodies

To electronic gadgets

Japanese Handphones

I cant really give myself a boundary because its quite impossible.
So,I hope that you will leave this page knowing something more about the Japan product or the Japanese. (:


  1. it will be more interesting if you add about Asimos(robots) which are really an boosting economy in japan. Otherwise, its great...

  2. -Sidhiq
    Hehe i could do it as 1 of the weekly introductions (: